Specialists in Silicones


Manufacturing Speciality products


for Textile, Pharma, Water-treatment,


Construction, Rubber & Plastic industries



We are one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of Silicones and Silica Gel in India. With state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and top-level R&D, we offer unparelled service to wide range of industries.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process with our zero-polluting techniques. We are taking care that our environment is not harmed in any way.        Our Silicones are APEO-free.

Our Products

Silica Gel pouches

for Moisture-proof export packaging, rust prevention, drying applications, prevention of fungus & moisture in packaging of electronic compnonents, pharma bottles, food items, automobile parts etc. wherever poisture is a problem.

Amino Silicone Softeners for Fabric & Garment Finishing

Widely used in Textile processing.  Latest technology products impart superior softness to all types of fabrics - cotton, polyester, denim, knitted and woven fabrics. Hydrophilic Silicones for Terrytowel softening and Zero-yellowing softeners for  Hi-white fabrics.


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