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We manufacture following grades:
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Standard Micro Emulsion

Elastomeric Grade for bouncy feel

Hydrophilic Grade for terry towels

Concentrated Micro Emulsion

Denim Grade for Denim Garments

Non-Yellowing for Hi-white Fabrics

Amino Silicones – often termed as "Super-softeners" are noted for their excellent textile-finishing properties, imparting fibres and textiles with an   incomparably soft, silky, permanent handle. They owe this ability to the      affinity of the amino groups to the fibres, which promotes optimum orientation of the silicone on the substrate, thus guaranteeing an ideal soft handle, smoothness and suppleness. The amino groups are linked to the silicone polymer by short hydrocarbon chains and are stable to hydrolysis and high temperatures.

Soft handle

Softness of the handle depends greatly on the amine value of the silicone. It is also influenced by the properties of the formulated preparation and the mean particle size of the emulsion. Given the right balance of these factors, the result is a soft handle that is frequently referred to as "Supersoft".


In textile finishing, drying on the stenter shoud not cause yellowing of the fabric. Judicious choice of amino silicones will optimize whiteness. Zero yellowing amino silicones also have been developed.


All our Amino Silicones are Micro emulsions which offer a series of advantages that are in tune with the trend of modern textile finish due to the micro-particle size of the emulsion. Micro emulsions impart:

  • Improved running properties and shear stability.
  • Higher thermal stability – Increased stability to Alkalis – Better distribution in tightly twisted yarns and in fabrics produced from microfibres – Internal Softeners.

Specially modified cyclohexyl Amino Silicone Softner are also available to impart excellent hydrophilic properties and non-yellowing properties suitable for Terry towels and knitwear.


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No yellowing in the Stenter
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